mobile testing done right.

TestFairy is a mobile testing platform, providing companies with detailed video recordings, logs and crash reports of mobile sessions.
See what happened before something went wrong, and fix bugs faster than ever before!
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priceless insights

Watch how people use your app and fully understand user behavior. See videos of bugs, crashes and errors and fix problems like never before.
Understand what happened BEFORE your app crashed or an issue was reported, without talking to your users! 
Get your fully detailed symbolicated crash reports automatically posted to JIRA, Slack and other platforms, and see a recording of what happened before something went wrong.
Get detailed logs (logcat, NSLog) and easily analyze critical issues on remote devices. 
Easily trace network errors to understand how they affect your users' experience.
View detailed app metrics such as CPU, memory, phone reception, and Wifi, and relive your user's detailed environment conditions.

enterprise app distribution

Invite users by email, SMS, push notifications or share your app with our automatically generated, fully-customizable, responsive landing page.
Host the TestFairy enterprise platform on a private cloud or on-prem to provide your company with a highly secured corporate app store.
Authenticate your company employees with your favorite Single-sign-on platform (SSO) such as Okta, OneLogin or Ping Identity to meet your corporate security requirements.
Automatically update users Over The Air (OTA) with new versions of your mobile apps.
Customize our open source testers' app to allow your users a seamless branded corporate experience for downloading apps and reporting bugs.

Get better

Simply shake a device to send feedback straight from the app to your JIRA.
Manage all feedback from the TestFairy dashboard or with your favorite ticketing system.
All feedback include videos, device informations, app logs and an event timeline so you can easily reproduce each problem.

seamless integrations

TestFairy fits into you workflow perfectly. It integrates with your bug-tracking platform, single sign-on solution and continuous integration.
Bug Tracking System
Team Communication
Continuous Integration
Single Sign-On

secure private cloud

Use our secure public cloud or get your own private cloud with a separate, dedicated TestFairy environment.
Private cloud will be hosted in geographical locations according to your requirements.
Private cloud enables you to comply with strict security standards, laws and regulations.
TestFairy is ISO-27001:2013 standard compliant

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