TestFairy for Android Apps

TestFairy is a mobile quality platform that helps mobile teams automate your app distribution, streamline your development process, manage feedback cycles, and deliver faster & better to market. All this, in a highly secure, enterprise-grade environment. TestFairy works Great with Android!


How to add TestFairy to an Android project

1. Maven

Add the TestFairy maven repository to build.gradle

buildscript {
    repositories {
        maven { url 'https://maven.testfairy.com' }

2. Gradle

Add the TestFairy SDK to app/build.gradle

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.testfairy:testfairy-android-sdk:1.+@aar'

3. Code

Add TestFairy.begin() to your main activity's onCreate

import com.testfairy.TestFairy;

public class MyApplication extends Application {
public void onCreate() {
    TestFairy.begin(this, "<YOUR_APP_TOKEN_HERE>");

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Can TestFairy run on a private cloud?

Yes. The TestFairy enterprise platform can run a private cloud or on-prem to provide your company with a highly secured corporate app store.

Can customer data be encrypted?

Yes! TestFairy allows customers to encrypt data with their private keys so that no-one can see your data.

Can customers choose where to host their data?

Yes. Customers can choose where to host data between North America, Europe or Asia.

What about compliance?

TestFairy is proud to work with companies with strict compliance requirements such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and other standards, laws and regulations. TestFairy is ISO-27001 certified.

Can accounts restrict access with an ip whitelist?

Yes, TestFairy allows you to restrict access to your office IP range or VPN.

Can TestFairy work with our corporate Single Sign-On?

Yes!. TestFairy is compatible with OKTA, Ping, OneLogin, IBM, Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Citrix and any other SSO vendor supporting SAML 2.0

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