"Our productivity has gone up by 5X since we started using TestFairy"

- Matt Helmer, Mobile Product Manager at Groupon



Groupon is building the daily habit in local commerce, offering a vast mobile and online marketplace where people discover and save on amazing things to do, see, eat and buy. By enabling real-time commerce across local businesses, travel destinations, consumer products and live events, shoppers can find the best a city has to offer. Groupon’s mobile app makes it easier for customers to browse deals and zoom in on what they’re interested in, providing direct access to promo codes and special savings alerts for deals. Groupon’s app is considered one of the world’s leading e-commerce apps and drives millions of dollars in revenue. ‍


TestFairy enables teams to find, report and solve complex problems with their mobile apps, all from one dashboard. TestFairy provides an easy to use app-distribution for iOS and Android apps. In addition, TestFairy provides an SDK that collects valuable information such as videos showing user behavior, app logs and crash reports. This information is collected and presented in an organized way, in a single, easy-to-use dashboard.TestFairy facilitates frictionless communication between developers, beta testers and business partners with the “shake to report bug” capability that provides accurate, information-rich bug reports. With TestFairy’s videos, logs and device metrics, teams are able to quickly reproduce and understand problems, providing accurate and timely bug fixes and a faster time-to-market.



Like in many other leading companies, Groupon’s employees take active part in improving the company’s app quality. They use the app’s test version as part of the company’s inner Cat-food program and provide feedback on its performance and features before it graduates to the app store.Before using TestFairy, Groupon’s feedback reporting process included taking screenshots from the testing device, sending them through email or dropbox and opening a ticket. This manual process resulted in a relatively low number of feedbacks that ended up in bug fixes.


Unclear and partial Cat-food bug reports led to prolonged ongoing communication between testers, participants in the employee program, developers and product managers. Reports would often omit and mis-represent essential information about the specific device, the urgency of the problem or the exact steps to reproduce it. Product managers and developers were left with the challenge of filling in the gaps of missing information, adding to their frustration and causing delays in release to the App Store.



TestFairy allows Groupon’s mobile application developers to easily elicit feedback from their users, as well as put that feedback to effective use. By simply shaking the device, participants in the Cat-Food program were able to draw on a screenshot and easily leave their detailed feedback. Videos, logs and accurate device information are automatically recorded and added to JIRA feedback reports. TestFairy’s in-app feedback is so easy to use that more testers and Dogfood program participants freely submitted their feedback.


TestFairy feedbacks automatically carry videos of the actual user experience and the app’s logs. By viewing feedback recordings in the TestFairy dashboard, Groupon’s product managers and developers are able to understand the actual user experience, the urgency of the problem and the steps to effectively reproduce problems in a very short time frame.With TestFairy, the team spends less time asking questions about the problem and is able to focus its efforts on the bugs that matter most. When Cat-food participants see that more of their feedback is actually taken in, they are encouraged to continue and report additional issues, leading to immediate improvements in the app’s quality.

"If other companies start using TestFairy they will realize that there’s a different way to build your mobile products.”
- Matt Helmer, Mobile Product Manager at Groupon


With thousands of employees that need to need to login to the platform, Gropoun’s first requirement was to integrate with OKTA, and connect with their corporate Single-sign-on service. This allowed employees in Groupon to keep logging in with their own credentials. As for the development life cycle, Groupon were able to seamlessly integrate TestFairy with their continuous build process, so new versions got distributed automatically.As for bug reporting, issues got automatically pushed into JIRA without the need to explicitly collect all the information, manually open a ticket and direct it to relevant personnel. This allows a developer to see the TestFairy video embedded in JIRA as part of the issue and understand the exact user experience before the problem was reported.


"I can’t tell you the number of both small and large issues that we’ve found and easily received feedback on.”
- Matt Helmer, Mobile Product Manager at Groupon

Following an easy introduction of TestFairy into Groupon’s workflow, more employees were engaged in improving the app’s quality and performance. Using the increasing amounts of rich feedback, Groupon’s team was able to apply better focus to the issues that matter and speed up version launches, while providing superior customer experience.