TestFairy for Enterprise App Distribution

TestFairy's unique architecture for continuous app testing allows you to easily sync, create & update tester groups, and distribute apps through landing pages or tester dashboards.


App Distribution for the Enterprise

This video shows how TestFairy's App Distribution platform works. It starts with architecture, and shows how TestFairy connects to your CI, Single Sign-On, Bug Systems and Team Communication apps. It shows the flexible security configuration, allowing you have full control on your team permission and the way you can sync with your SSO user groups, it shows the tester dashboard and how this can turn into an internal app store, it shows how auto update works, and last but not least, features like release notes, tags and favorites, per app and per version.

Continuous Delivery

TestFairy works with any CI, including Jenkins, TeamCity, CircleCI, TravisCI, Bamboo, and Github Actions. The minute your app is ready, it will automatically upload to TEstFairy and distributed to users according to your API configuration.

Landing Pages

Every app that is uploaded to TestFairy gets a landing page that is generated automatically. This page is fully customizable, and allows flexible security rules, anything between open beta that anyone can access, to closed groups, based on permission and Single Sign-On credentials.

Security Permissions

TestFairy includes powerful yet easy to configure security rules, that can either be downloaded from OKTA, or configured manually in the testers page. Admins can easily choose that app A is available for one team while app B is available to another team and app C is available to anyone.

Internal App Store

TestFairy helps developers to manage their apps in an easy to navigate web or mobile interface that allows anyone with the right permissions to download and install their apps. Any version that was ever uploaded can be easily found by name, version, tags, or be marked as a favorite.

Email Notifications

Notifying users about new versions is important. TestFairy allows you to customize all email templates to make them look and feel the way you want. Users can be notified automatically on new versions, with messages sent from your email account, from your email address.

Auto Update

TestFairy allows you to easily auto update your users to the new version that was just released. When a new version is available users can see a notification on screen suggesting to auto update. Once confirming, they will be updated to the latest version. Auto Update can be configured via API.


Every TestFairy version can include Tags that will propagate through the platform and show up next to the app in every screen on the dashboard, in landing pages, in emails and in bug reports. Tags can be set programmatically via the Upload API or manually in the dashboard.


In case where your dashboard includes a lot of apps, you can easily mark some of them as your fairies and choose to disable only your favorite apps, or just have them float at the top of the list. Finding the right app has never been easier.

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Can TestFairy run on a private cloud?

Yes. The TestFairy enterprise platform can run a private cloud or on-prem to provide your company with a highly secured corporate app store.

Can customer data be encrypted?

Yes! TestFairy allows customers to encrypt data with their private keys so that no-one can see your data.

Can customers choose where to host their data?

Yes. Customers can choose where to host data between North America, Europe or Asia.

What about compliance?

TestFairy is proud to work with companies with strict compliance requirements such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and other standards, laws and regulations. TestFairy is ISO-27001 certified.

Can accounts restrict access with an ip whitelist?

Yes, TestFairy allows you to restrict access to your office IP range or VPN.

Can TestFairy work with our corporate Single Sign-On?

Yes!. TestFairy is compatible with OKTA, Ping, OneLogin, IBM, Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Citrix and any other SSO vendor supporting SAML 2.0

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