In-app feedback for mobile apps

TestFairy allows users to easily report bugs by shaking their device and sketching on the screen. By making it easy to report bugs, and making them meaningful, the quality of your reports will be higher and help you find the right issues on time.

Remote Support

Make it easy to report bugs

The easier it is to report a bug, the more bug reports you'll have. Expecting your users to send you emails with attachments or filing new JIRA tickets will make them work hard, and nobody likes to work hard. Instead, let your users shake their device, sketch on the screen, and hit the send button. That's it!

Make your bug reports meaningful!

By creating reports that contain video recordings, screenshots, logs, network call, device information and a lot more, your developers will be able to fix problems faster than ever. Enriching reports automatically is the way to make teams improve their efficiency and work faster.

Integrate with your bug systems

TestFairy has a powerful integration with all the leading bug systems including JIRA server and cloud, Micro Focus, and services like Trello and Github. By posting your bugs to the right project automatically, with attachments, attributes and custom fields, your team will be more organized and spend less time on manual submitting, sorting and grouping of bugs.

Feedback inside your app

TestFairy allows testers to simply shake their phone and fill in a feedback form that pops up. In order to get your attention to UI elements, users can simply sketch on a screenshot and have that sketch posted together with their textual feedback.

  • Launch by shaking the app or explicitly
  • Integrate with your your app
  • Sync into your issue tracking systems

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