"TestFairy’s session recordings provide the Product Team and the developers with all the information they need in order to fix bugs faster, and dramatically improve our app quality."

- Price Fallin, Co-founder at TeleVet



TeleVet is a promising startup with a mission to improve the quality of medical care for pets by using remote medical communication technology. TeleVet's app allows pet owners to easily communicate and consult with their veterinary doctors without having to go to their clinics. Pet owners and vets can video chat, share images and perform a basic preliminary diagnosis of a situation while the vet has the entire medical records of the pet at the tip of their fingers. ‍

TeleVet was established two years ago and launched their service in 2017. Since then the company has been closely working with a group of clinics to improve their product and growing their customer base. Find out more about Televet on their website: http://www.gettelevet.com. ‍


TestFairy enables teams to find, report and solve complex problems with their mobile apps, all from one dashboard. TestFairy provides an easy to use app-distribution for iOS and Android apps. In addition, TestFairy provides an SDK that collects valuable information such as videos showing user behavior, app logs and crash reports. This information is collected and presented in an organized way, in a single, easy-to-use dashboard.TestFairy facilitates frictionless communication between developers, beta testers and business partners with the “shake to report bug” capability that provides accurate, information-rich bug reports. With TestFairy’s videos, logs and device metrics, teams are able to quickly reproduce and understand problems, providing accurate and timely bug fixes and a faster time-to-market.


As a young startup working to build a successful product, the TeleVet team needs to try new concepts and receive fast feedback from their power beta users and business partners. One of the challenges they faced was distributing apps quickly to beta customers without waiting for their app to be approved, and then collect and analyze their users’ feedback.

With a small R&D team, TeleVet needed a way to cut bug investigation time to the minimum, so they can focus on making improvements. They wanted to be able to quickly understand bug reports made by both testers and integration partners, as well as customer complaints made by clinic staff and pet owners.


After evaluating several app distribution solutions, The TeleVet team found TestFairy, and while they were happy to discover how easy it was to distribute apps with TestFairy, they really fell in love with the capability to draw visual insights and watch sessions recorded on video.

  1. 1. With TestFairy, the TeleVet team could quickly get new app versions in the hands of beta users and business partners.
  2. 2. TestFairy helped TeleVet spend less time on reporting and analyzing bugs. Instead of taking a screenshot on a phone, and then going to JIRA to create a case, TestFairy's “shake the device to report a problem” feature made everything fast and automatic. When the product owner opened a ticket, they would see the device information, a video of the user experience and the app logs.
  3. 3. With each new version, the TeleVet team was able to view user recordings and understand how their new designs are performing and what user experiences need fixing. They were able to make their on-boarding process friendlier and understand which bugs bother users the most.


With TestFairy’s help, the TeleVet team is now able to perform design-develop-deploy cycles for each new version, faster than ever before. Developers can now get detailed and accurate feedback, and discover both bugs and cases of lacking user experience. TestFairy’s session recordings provide the Product Team and the developers with all the information they need in order to fix bugs faster, and dramatically improve their app quality.