"We are extremely happy with TestFairy. It serves as our eyes when it comes to handling the hard and urgent support cases"

-Maxim from Gett’s Customer Tech Support Team



Gett, previously known as GetTaxi, is a global on-demand mobility company that connects customers with transportation, goods and services. Customers can order a taxi or courier either through the company's website, or by using the company's GPS-based smartphone app. Gett currently operates in more than 100 cities across the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia and Israel, and offers several different apps for passengers and taxi drivers. ‍


TestFairy provides companies with mobile app insights for their entire app development and operations life-cycle:

  • During Testing: TestFairy allows teams to easily distribute their apps to testers, collect feedback straight from the app user and record videos showing tester activity for fast bug resolution.
  • During staged rollout: TestFairy provides insights for live apps, helping devops and R&D to understand problems in production, by watching videos of what users experience when encountering errors, crashes and performance issues.
  • When supporting customers: TestFairy provides a platform for focusing on specific customer problems, watching their experience on video and escalating issues with logs, metrics and an event timeline.


The Gett team operates a large customer support team to assist taxi drivers around the world with urgent problems. Taxi drivers usually contact the support team when they have a problem that needs immediate resolution (sometimes while the passenger is in the taxi). When the Support Team faces complex problems, they also involve the R&D team whether it is iOS, Android or server experts. The Operation Team's biggest challenges are:

  • Quickly understanding exactly what the drivers have done on their app and what they’ve experienced and seen on screen.
  • Effectively escalate and hand off problems from the customer support team to R&D.
  • Finding the root-cause for urgent bugs and operational problems and providing fixes in a timely manner.


Using TestFairy, Gett’s Customer Support Teams were able to dramatically reduce the time it takes to understand users complaints, by seeing videos that show exactly how taxi drivers operate their app. The TestFairy iOS and Android SDK records videos, events, logs and device metrics. When a customer support agent had to communicate and escalate the problem to R&D, communication became painless since all the information they needed in order to understand the problem could already be easily viewed right from the TestFairy dashboard. Having this wealth of information at their disposal, R&D teams were able to understand bugs, crashes and performance problems quickly and provide a fast response to complex operational problems in real-time, effectively making the taxi drivers happier to use the app.


By recording taxi drivers’ activity in using Gett’s app, TestFairy helped Gett’s customer support team better understand customer complaints. When complex issues required involving an R&D team, TestFairy facilitated an easy flow of critical information including videos, logs and metrics. R&D teams were then able to provide fast response to pressing production issues, in no-time.