“Using TestFairy makes our production significantly more efficient and organized”

- Vijay Raghavachari, Aeris Solutions Team



Aeris delivers unparalleled scalable, cost-effective, and secure IoT solutions. With experience in managing millions of devices, coupled with more than 50 patents, the Aeris technology infrastructure sets standards for tomorrow’s enterprise IoT deployments. Global organizations and service providers rely on Aeris technology every day to deliver mission-critical M2M and IoT programs. The Aeris IoT Asset Management platform provides all the elements (hardware, software, connectivity, and support) required for an overarching asset management solution. Aeris IoT Asset Management helps managers stay connected so as to monitor the movement, status, and behavior of any asset — regardless of location. ‍


TestFairy is a mobile testing platform that enables teams to find, report and solve complex problems with their mobile apps, all from one dashboard. The platform includes an enterprise app-distribution solution for iOS and Android apps, and provides an SDK that collects valuable information such as videos showing user behavior, app logs and crash reports. This information is collected and presented in an organized way, in a single, easy-to-use dashboard helping teams to quickly reproduce and understand problems, allowing for accurate and timely bug fixes.


As the company itself is situated in the USA and their testers and customers are scattered throughout Asia, a significant challenge for Aeris’ team is to keep in tune with them. The team very rarely gets to meet with its users, and they don’t get a lot of direct feedback from them.This means the team has to monitor several fields with very little direct contact with the users:

  • Making sure the app runs smoothly, tracking and fixing any bugs that cause crashes or interrupt regular usage of the app.
  • Frequently rolling out new and improved versions of the app, while making sure the users are all testing the right version.


After trying several solutions, TestFairy was chosen to accompany the team throughout their development process, with efficient distribution capabilities, comprehensive data collection and a convenient dashboard to manage it all in one place.

  • Distribution: The team uses TestFairy’s distribution platform to pre-release and monitor the amount and activity of testers for each separate version. The TestFairy dashboard provides the Aeris team with all the data they need to know in order to stay updated on the status and coverage of their testing process: Which users are testing what version, how many testing sessions have they carried out, etc. In the case that a user is testing a wrong or outdated version of the app, the team can now easily keep track of it and directly contact users that need to update.
  • Fixing bugs: The Solutions Team uses TestFairy’s videos to see exactly what their users see when using the app. If a crash has occurred, having the video, logs and metrics for that session provides the team with all the information they need to recreate and fix the issue as quickly as possible, all without directly contacting users.
  • Insights: All that collected data is instrumental for constantly improving the app. The team can now understand their users’ “natural” usage conditions, which significantly differ from the conditions in the company’s USA location. The metrics allow the Solutions Team to understand exactly what type of devices are common in their countries, how much battery does the app consume on those devices, what kind and quality of wifi or cellular coverage is available for their customer and whether the app is utilizing those resources efficiently rather than consuming too much of them. In addition, having videos showing user behavior with the app helps the team find and tweak UX/UI issues that may not be apparent at first use.


TestFairy provides the Solutions Team with a steady influx of data and videos that helps them maintain their control and balance throughout constant change and little communication with the app testers. Therefore, TestFairy is their go-to tool throughout all stages of development and production.