TestFairy for Enterprise

Enterprise mobile beta-testing can be painless.
Watch how Groupon use TestFairy to improve their mobile app, testing it with thousands of employees!

Make It Secure.

Your information security is critical. With TestFairy’s enterprise suite, you can be sure that only authorized users have access to your apps, and data is kept according to your best standards.

SSO (Single Sign On)
In order to make sure that only your company employees can download your apps, TestFairy can connect to any SSO provider using SAML or LDAP. Okta, OneLogin, Ping Identity and many others, are all supported.

Private Cloud
Your data is sensitive. The TestFairy enterprise suite can be installed on a private cloud on any AWS location in the US, Europe, Asia or South America. Servers can be protected by custom firewall rules allowing access only from your offices, according to your security policy.

On Premise
In cases where enhanced corporate security is needed, TestFairy can be fully installed in your lab allowing you full control on every bit and byte sent and stored on the platform.

Make It Easy.

One of the keys for a successful beta testing process is making your users feel comfortable to help and make it very easy for them to do that.

In-App Bug Reporting (Shake for Feedback)
It is critical to make it super easy for your users to report issues right when they happen. In order to do that, TestFairy allows testers to simply shake their phone and fill in a feedback form that pops up. In order to get your attention to UI elements, users can simply sketch on a screenshot and have that sketch posted together with their textual feedback.

Auto-Update (OTA)
With TestFairy your users will have to install your app only once. From that moment on, whenever a new update is available, users will be notified and a single click will get their app updated to the latest version.

Make It Painless.

There is nothing you want less, than changing the way you work. TestFairy will help you avoid that by integrating with everything you already work with.

Integrate with Issue Management Systems (JIRA)
TestFairy’s Issues API allows seamless integration with JIRA, Github, Pivotal, Asana, Trello and many other issue management systems, having all user feedback posted directly where it belongs.
New issues can automatically populate custom fields such as app name, version, device, and other user info. New issues will also contain the name of the screen (Activity, ViewController) from which the feedback was posted, so that sorting and categorizing issues in JIRA will become easier than ever.

Get real-time webhooks (Slack, HipChat)
TestFairy’s Webhooks API allows one click integration with Slack, Hipchat or any other platform that accepts http webhooks. This will allow you to know immediately whenever a new feedback was posted, or an app crashed. You can also know in real time when a new version was uploaded to your account and is available for download.

Make It Productive.

We’re here to improve the quality of your product. Let’s make it productive.

Get the Insights
TestFairy provides mobile teams with videos showing what exactly happened on apps during testing. Besides videos, reports include technical data such as detailed levels of CPU, memory, battery, phone reception, network capture as well as raw logs and crash reports.The goal is to create reports that can answer any question that might come up.

Put the information in the right place
TestFairy JIRA Connect plugin allows customers to integrate TestFairy into JIRA, and present video report and log widgets as part of JIRA issues. This can help you process all your information without leaving your comfort zone. (more Issue management systems coming soon)

Reduce corporate noise
The biggest problem corporates face when doing crowd testing is the huge amount of internal communications accompanied with every bug. Back and forth emails between developers and testers that are located on different sides of the planet and talk different languages, may cause a huge overhead on any organization. In many cases this leads to situations where bugs simply don't get fixed. Having all the information collected automatically, formatted properly, and posted to the right place, can save thousands of hours a year to any company.

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