Session Video recording for mobile apps

By providing mobile teams with videos showing how users used their apps, TestFairy helps developers identify problems and understand everything that happened on a mobile device. No more screenshots, logs or long phone calls. Simply see your users experience and improve your product.

Remote Support

Easy integration

We work with all industry practices, enabling you to get your CI/CD integration in no time

Faster cycles

Your team can now collaborate and ship version VIA your CI/CD faster, taking the time from dev to testing to a minimum

Upload & ship

Getting the latest version to your beta testers, has never been so easy. upload and ship in one click

It works with everyone

Works with your automated unit tests. avoid one developer's work-in-progress breaking another developer's copy. Where necessary, partially complete features can be disabled before committing, using feature toggles for instance.

  • Works with your automated unit tests
  • Implement continuous processes of applying quality control
  • improve the quality of software, and to reduce the time taken to deliver

What Our Clients Said About TestFairy

Start working with our platform today, and experience a brand new way to streamline your mobile testing.