"TestFairy is a valuable tool that helps us find and fix problems faster, whether we’re supporting customers, optimizing our registration funnel or releasing new features."
- Ram Holyland, CTO at Clink


meet clink

Clink is a successful startup that provides investment solutions for small-scale savings accounts. Clink began in the USA in 2015 as an app for iPhone and Android that is intended to encourage more people to save money. Users can set a portion of their funds to be transferred to their Clink-managed savings account every month, with no transaction fees and without a minimum investment amount. Clink offers a better rate of returns than other small savings funds and makes it easier for users to save their money.


TestFairy is a platform that enables teams to find, report and solve complex problems in their apps, all from one dashboard. In addition to app distribution, TestFairy provides an SDK that collects valuable information such as real time videos, logs, crash reports and device metrics. All this information is safely collected and presented in an organized way on a single dashboard. Developers, product managers and customer support representatives can understand the exact user experience and the technical status of the app at the time a problem occurs. With TestFairy’s videos, logs and device metrics, teams solve problems faster and are able to provide rapid response for their customers, or fix bugs to release their app earlier to the real world.


It is difficult to know and recreate the set of circumstances a customer encountered, in order to identify the causes of a problem or pinpoint where a bug may be lurking.


As Clink is responsible for moving their users’ money from one account to another, their users have to feel able to rely on them. When issues arise with a user’s experience of the app, they need to be solved quickly. This demands that customer support establishes what caused the problem as fast as possible, in the face of customers who can be quite emotional and/or find it difficult to describe what led to the issue.


Clink’s development team needs accurate information about any bugs or other obstacles to a smooth user experience in order to be able to fix them. It is difficult to know what set of circumstances a customer encountered and to recreate them so as to identify the causes of a problem, or to pinpoint where a bug may be lurking. Clink needs clear details of the entire process that led to the errors in the app.


As they are still a startup, Clink does not have the luxury of a large QA team. Clink is growing quickly and rolls out new features and updates often. They sought a simple solution that could give them rich feedback about how users experience new features and what problems they encounter.



Clink’s users who contact customer support are frequently upset and concerned. In order to move to a more productive discussion, customer support needs to absorb what happened quickly, gathering as much information as possible in as short a time as possible. TestFairy enables customer support representatives to instantly see through the eyes of their users, accessing clear and detailed information by viewing videos of all the client’s actions on the app. TestFairy’s report gives Clink’s customer support staff the feedback that they need to solve the issues that their customers encounter, which the customers themselves are usually unable to provide.
TestFairy’s reports give Clink’s customer support staff valuable feedback that the customers are usually unable to provide


When the customer support team identifies a bug or a problem which they can’t solve, they hand the issue over to the R&D team. With TestFairy showing the app logs, videos and device metrics, the communication between the two teams is easy and frictionless. The R&D team can focus on understanding and fixing the bug rather than spending time reproducing the problem.


As a swiftly-growing company, Clink requires rich feedback for their new features and updates. TestFairy brings Clink responses from their users that reveal what they did at each step. TestFairy brings the ability to peer inside the framework of the app and see exactly how users reacted to new features or updates, thus identifying which aspects are the most effective and which need strengthening.



Customer support can solve user issues faster when they  can see a video of their customers experiencing problems. If the issue is beyond the scope of the support team, the R&D department can easily understand the situation by watching the videos and reviewing the logs from the TestFairy dashboard.


TestFairy’s insight into the app enables the R&D to locate and fix bugs faster, leaving more time for developing new features.
Problems relating to UI and UX are more easily identified and errors are easily corrected.


In recent months, TestFairy has helped Clink to increase their registration rate many times over. By examining the TestFairy videos for a number of new users, Clink discovered that those who entered the process via an introductory page had a far higher drop-off rate than those who bypassed it and went straight to the sign-up page. Removing the introductory page identified by TestFairy’s logs dramatically improved the sign-up rate of new customers. With the feedback that TestFairy provides, Clink as a whole has become more streamlined and focused.

To sum it all up,

TestFairy enables Clink to see through the eyes of their users to pinpoint and resolve errors quickly. This way, customer support is swifter and closes tickets faster, contributing to improved customer satisfaction levels. The R&D team is more focused and communication between the two teams has improved.
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